January 2024


Welcome to our Documentation page! Here, you will find all the information you need to get started with using branchly.

Who is branchly?

branchly offers with the Search Navigator and Chat two new kinds of user interfaces based on a combination of semantic search, navigation and chat. They navigate the end user quickly and intuitively to the solution of their concern. For companies, this means more satisfied users with demonstrable cost savings, low effort, and a wide range of analytical options.

Getting Started

To get started with branchly, simply sign up for an account on our website or contact your account manager.

How to Embed the Content Navigator

Please follow these steps in order to embed your Content Navigator

  1. Script - Please insert this script into the body of your HTML

  1. div element/Container - This element must be inserted where the Content Navigator should be displayed. The token is the ID of your Content Navigator. You can use CSS to adjust the display of the container (width, height, etc.).

  token="< YOUR TOKEN >"
  1. "lang" tag - We require a valid combination of language and geography in the two-digit ISO format, i.e. the locale. Example for English/United States:

<html lang="en_US">

We use this tag to select which content to display, as our database supports multiple languages and geographies. If the format differs, there may be an error. Please let us know if adjusting the lang tag is a problem for you.

💡 Remember to register your locales and your embed locations in the Settings.

How to use the Dashboard

You can find our Dashboard at dashboard.branchly.io.

Setup, Settings, and Design


To log in, you have the option to sign in with email, Google or Microsoft.

  • Email: Enter your email address and password you used to create your account.

  • Google: Click the Google button to sign in with your Google account. This will authenticate you using your Google email and password.

  • Microsoft: Click the Microsoft button to sign in with your Microsoft account. This will authenticate you using your Microsoft email and password.

Manage Content Navigators

To access the Content Navigator dashboard, log in to your branchly account. In the Organisation view, you will see an overview of all your existing Content Navigators as well as options to create new ones.


The home dashboard provides an overview of the status, basic analytics, and important information about your Content Navigator.

  • Status: Displays the current status of your Content Navigator, either in development or production mode.

  • Locations: An overview of the locations where your Content Navigator is embedded.

  • Searches: The total number of searches performed in your Content Navigator within the selected time period (coming soon).

  • Navigation: The total number of navigations that occurred within your Content Navigator in the selected time period (coming soon).


You can style and customize your Content Navigator using the following options:

  • Navigator Title - Configure the Title to specify how users will be greeted in their language.

  • Font Family - Choose between various font families to style the text in your Content Navigator. Options include sans-serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica, serif fonts like Times New Roman or Georgia, and monospace fonts like Courier New or Menlo.

  • Font Color - Select a color to use for the main text section in the Content Navigator including titles.

  • Background Color - Choose a background color to use for the entire Content Navigator interface.

  • Background Image URL - Add a custom background image to your Content Navigator by entering the URL of an image. The image will be tiled to fill the entire background.💡 You can choose between displaying an image or a background color, not both.Button Color - Choose a color to use for the search button.

  • Home Button Color - Select a custom color to use specifically for the home button.Button Font Color - Pick a color to use for the text on the Home Button.

  • Next Nodes Color - Choose a color to use for the "next node" buttons that navigate between nodes in your Content Navigator.

  • Next Nodes Font Color - Select a color to use for the text on the "next node" buttons.

  • Selected Nodes Color - Pick a color to use for the already selected nodes.

  • Selected Nodes Font Color - Choose a color to use for the text on the currently selected nodes.

  • Maximum Nodes Displayed - Set the maximum number of “next node” buttons to display in your Content Navigator. Additional nodes will be accessible via "plus” button.

  • Sticky Searchbar Mobile - Enable a search bar that sticks to the bottom of the screen on mobile devices for easy access.

  • Sticky Searchbar Desktop - Enable a search bar that sticks to the bottom of the screen on the desktop for easy access.

  • Sticky Searchbar Color - Choose a custom color to use for the sticky search bar.


This section describes the options for configuring your Content Navigator. The fields include:

  • Navigator name: A text field to enter a name for the Content Navigator

  • Website Location: Where on your website do you want to embed the navigator? Please enter one or multiple valid URLs here.

  • Knowledge Base Language: Set the language (and country) for your Knowledge Base. To create a multi-language Knowledge Base, add multiple language and country combinations. We require a valid two-digit ISO language and country code, e.g. en_US for English/United States. We use this code to show the appropriate content, as our database supports many languages and countries. 

Advanced Settings:

  • Status: A drop-down menu to select either 'Development' or 'Production'

  • Edge Weighting: We recommend using the default options of weight_manual and weight when getting started. After time, you can switch from using weight as your secondary weight to a dynamic method.

  • Search Output Sensitivity: We recommend using the default options when getti